At long last, I have joined the blogsphere. It’s kind of fun out here exploring what is yet to be seen and said.

As I accept this award for finally getting my act together, my software uploaded and formatted and forcing myself through a steep learning curve in the course of dinner, I wish to thank the following:

Amy Singer of for acting lovingly as the proverbial straw (or should I say skein of luscious handpaint at Rhinebeck) that broke the knitter’s back, my literary agent, Linda Roghaar, for pounding me (gently) over the head enough times, Jillian Moreno for just being so lovely, talented and supportive, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (I need say no more), and my husband Bill, for helping Jack with his homework tonight and putting the boys to bed so I could figure all this stuff out. I’ll clean up the toys and the yarn and needles tomorrow, as now I have blogged, and must engage in some calm and stillness to integrate fully such an experience. (Oh, by the way, have I mentioned I live the bubble of the People’s Republic of Boulder – we really say things like that here).