A magical box arrived at my doorstep. It contained a Superstar!

Lexie Barnes Superstar

A Lexie Barnes Superstar. Jack (age 9) said “wow Mom, you must really love that bag, I’ve never seen you get so excited about something in a box before.” Ah and love it is, true love.

The big love, however, goes to Lexie Barnes – Lexie Rocks. Before I extol the virtues (and there are many) of this awesome bag – I will extol the virtues of Lexie. First of all, she lived for several years in Boulder. ‘Nuf said. She’s the mother of many little boys, designs an amazing collection of bags and products for knitters, moms and folks on the go, which in many cases is all the same person. She designs the groovy laminated fabrics from which her products are made and is running a kick-butt women-owned bussiness. Go Lexie.

Now for the other Superstar – the bag. I ordered the Bali Hai fabric color – a mix of Japanese motifs – perfect for me – in a brilliant ultra-blue. Pockets, and more pockets. A convenient zip pocket just under the handle for your cell phone and keys. Multiple interior sections allow for a book, your knitting, diapers and wipes, maybe the half gallon of milk you picked up at the market – and there are waterbottle/sippy cup holders on each side. I’m just getting started – get the full story at LexieBarnes.com. I love that this particular product is listed under just about every section – baby, knit, travel Glee Glee.