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(the image above of the Zafu, Zabuton and Cushion is from The Samhadi Cusion Store Online, visit them for all kinds of cool stuff, from practice materials to home decor.)

My life leaves me little time to practice (meditate) these days. I know this is a common statement – I can’t find the time, etc. (yet I found the time to make cookies – baking is the favorite among my grounding (though unfortunately more caloric) activities). However, this is one of the most crowded times I’ve know in a while – a busy busy toddler at home – writing and writing and designing on deadlines- all which are more often than not usurped by countless re-readings of a Thomas the Tank Engine book, and diaper changes and so on (yes, there are mindful parenting groups – you bet ya – we’re planning to head down to the “Tiger Club” on Sunday). With Hubby at work during the week, and a nine-year-old home from school in the afternoon – the day is over as soon as it’s begun – the house is usually VERY loud, my studio left cold and lonely, and work undone. Finding those 10 minutes seems so difficult.

Last night I found it very helpful to begin reading “The Four Foundations of Mindfulness” by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (CTR), my primary teacher, or my “root guru.” It is a Buddhist piece, an excerpt from a lecture given years ago at a three month long retreat called “seminary”. I needed an infusion of mindfulness, and as is so often true of the Dharma, as I read this article, it was as if CTR was standing there pointing the big flashing arrow right back in my face, saying, “too bad, find the ten minutes, go sit.”

I am preparing for my Mindful Knitting Retreat coming up next month in Vermont, and – yet another reminder – go sit.

Okay, okay, I get it. The toddler is in bed, lunch is already prepared, I guess I’ll go sit. Then, I will go knit, and I will practice Mindful Knitting, relating with the current moment as my yarn moves through my hands to create fabric – a place where there is always time to find that ten minutes, and more. I’ll probably eat some cookies too.