Good Monday – The beginning of a busy week around here – mostly for Jack and Jack’s mom (moi) – homework club, choir, a writing class, the school Inquiry Fair, and of course the mid season re- “premier” of Lost. (we still care, but I’m not sure about everyone else). For some reason I thought it would all get easier as the kid got older – but it just gets different.

So, I’ve got this nine-and-a-half-year-old (darling Jack, above – totally worth clicking for the big pix). He’s a really great nine-and-a-half-year-old, and unlike my three-year-old, he actually enjoys wearing things I knit for him. Remembering to bring them home from school is another thing entirely. We’re working on that.

Many of my friends with 4th graders and up have told me they have trouble finding patterns – not just that they would like to knit, but more importantly, that their kids would want to wear (and maybe remember to bring home from school). I have up– or down– sized several things at Jack’s request, and I am curious . . .

All knitters who now serve, have served or will soon serve the elusive “tweens” – (ages 8-13) – Do you think there is a need for patterns for this age range – with enough hip factor thrown in so they will actually wear them (and remember to bring them home)? Do you think it is worth knitting for these guys? Why or why not? Please leave your answers in the comments. Jack would love to know.