Cayce Lindner
“for life’s not a paragraph
and death, i think is no parenthesis”

ee cummings from “since feeling is first”

My friend Cayce left this realm on Tuesday, February 6, 2007. He, like me, was nearly 39 years old. I met Cayce when we first entered High School at age 15. This made him one of my oldest friends. We had many classes together – I first met him in Journalism class, along with Steve Knopper (Steve reminds me, room 154, Boulder High School, 1983)- we were quite an accumulation of talent (Cayce went on to be a filmmaker and muscian, Steve to be a journalist, and myself a designer, writer, etc.) . We also had Film Studies class together – another prophetic place to encounter him – as he went on to earn an MFA in film making, made independent films and taught film at colleges around San Francisco. Most poignant, and probably most important to our bonding, is that we suffered/enjoyed 3 years of advanced high school French together. Salute Madame Roberts – Ca Va Bien?

His wife, Chela, is my dear dear soul sister friend – also from BHS days. It was really special to have relationships with each of them, together and individually. We stayed close all these twenty some odd years, shared college memories, grew up a little, went to each other’s weddings, bought houses, had babies, and enjoyed time together during Boulder visits.

As so many people mentioned at his memorial this past weekend, I too enjoyed Cayce’s insane and intense sense of humour that led to side splitting laughter, late night discussions of philosophy, Buddhism and who was the coolest superhero (that one might also be chalked up under philosophy, maybe Buddhism too.) We shared hours and hours of listening to U2, I would talk to him about Jazz (my dad, Fred Hess is a great Jazzer), and (I am definitely dating myself further here), I also remember discussing the place INXS in the history of pop music – an important band, or a “these were the moments of our lives” soundtrack – you can decide that one – I think we went with the latter. His deep seeded love of music and intense talent would lead him to be the front man of the SF based band Flying Canyon, having just released their critically acclaimed first album just last Fall.

Cayce, I hold you in my heart. I feel the sadness of your death, frustration for the pain you must have been holding and I surround you with love and golden light as you move through. Chela, I love you.

Dude-man, I miss you.

From “The Heart Sutra”

OM Gaté, gaté, paragaté, parasamgaté.
Bodhi! Svaha!

Which means…

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone fully over.
Awakened! So be it!