‘Tis the eve of eve of the Mindful Knitting Retreat 2007! I am really happy to be on my way. However, -10 degrees – well, that’s what all the wonderful fireplaces are for!

Mindful Knitting Retreat Command Central (Colorado Base) has taken on several forms in the past few days. This is what we all love MKRC to be like:


In some realms, this is also known as the dining room table. But here it is as we all like it to be – orderly, organized, the favorite sheep tea mug acquired at Rhinebeck – and this morning it was. However, in truth, I am one of those Creatives for whom tidiness is secondary to inspiration and action, so when we draw back the curtain to reveal the wizard(ess), the true MKRC is more like this:


The office corner of my studio. My fairies, angels and dragonflies, my Om Mane Padma Hum, my boyz, and my Princess thrown cover, the real seat of inspiration, perspiration, and of course, the mighty laser printer. Unfortunately, there is more. Over the weekend, I was hit by a whopper of a migraine – I have determined that the powers that be – including that over the top lunar eclipse/planetary alignment thing on Saturday – deemed it best to get all illness and discomfort out of the way BEFORE getting on the airplane – so this was MKRC for the majority of the last few days:


But, really, who wouldn’t rather be snuggled in bed all weekend – note laptop and knitting both within reach, not a lot of room for Bill (husband) though. Despite my best efforts – I was neither functional nor conscious for most of the time – the computer and knitting providing inspiration more than action in this case. But then came the cold – and for that -the elixir of wellness, now to be known as the Mindful Knitting Elixir:


Seven Forests Ilex 15 Qing Yin Bai Du Pian – what is it exactly – don’t know. (no affiliations, just very satisfied customer). Mary and Jamie told me it is magical. It is a blend of Chinese herbs to enhance your immune system and stuff, but all I know is it has been kicking my cold’s butt. It says it contains things like forsythia, chrysanthemum, schizonepeta (not even sure I want to look that one up), etc. You have to take it in profusion, however – according to Mary – three or four tablets every two hours (hence large nalgene bottle)- so I figure the majority of my caloric intake has been Ilex, the great elixir – except for the pop tarts – hey, I was sick.

So, my dear retreatants and friends, I’ll see you soon. I’m bringing my Ilex and my long underwear. Good thing we like sweaters so much. To my MK friends of past retreats, I’ve been thinking of you all so very fondly the past few days. And I will be eating as many butterscotch sundaes as they present to me.

Love – Tara