It’s not goodbye – I’m sure it’s see you later. The 2007 Mindful Knitting Retreat in VT wrapped up on Sunday, and I am indeed glad to be home, back in MKRCC – Red Bed. It was a bit of a shock when upon landing the pilot announced that at 9 am on Wednesday morning the current temp in Burlington was minus 17 degrees F (again, my great respects for all my Canadian pals, and some kind of twisted jealosy at all the sweater ops.) Back at home on Tuesday, we may reach a record high of 73 degrees F. I love Colorado.

I also love my Mindful Knitters – and here we are – most of us – less those who needed to run off to catch early morning flights – each of us modeling a Mostly Merino garment.


And, for my 2006 Fall allumns – here is the photo you have all been waiting for –

I swear, I only ate one this year.

And – one of our lovely acheivements, our charity hats – by newbie two-handed knitters using Vermont Organic Fibers’ O-Wool – looking a lot like edible little cakes of some wonderful kind.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and questions – I will reply forthwith. I am still at the tail end of the yuck I tried so hard to fight off, which hit its peak around Saturday evening (again, many thanks to Julia the Nurse for your concern and medical advise!).

I would love to hear from Mindful Knitter Allums, and I would love to hear more from all of you who have enjoyed the knitty collumn.

The downloadable patterns are coming, and will be online by the end of the week, so please do visit the website – – for a browse.

Love to all my new Mindful Knitting friends and those MK friends whom I have yet to meet. I send you some springtime – live from Boulder, Colorado.