Wow – the first of my Mindful Knitting Downloadable PDF Collection – Tiger Lilly in O-Wool – is ONLINE at
I am really pleased with the format, and the method of purchase and download – Payloadz. However, for some reason I thought these things would just whip themselves up and I’d have the full collection on line in a jiffy.

Well a jiffy is a bit longer than anticipated – so it’ll kinda be like a little game we can play. I’ll upload the patterns as they are ready, and and you can check back every few days to see what’s new at As John Lennon once sang “A splendid time is guaranteed for all!”
So here’s what’s on my mind:
Quite a beauty, eh? A muse in the form of a 32″ square piece of exquisite Japanese Rayon. Where shall we go together?
And this:
Two skeins of my most favorite shade of Mostly Merino (sage) that I bought from Margaret (Klein Wilson) at our just finished Mindful Knitting Retreat in Vermont a couple of weeks ago [has it been that long already?] This color sings to me. It calls me to diversion.

I am always so easily distracted when I am working on a project that is for a book or a publication. It is such an intense process to conceive, develop, knit and present bunches and bunches of pieces – that there is always a pair of socks or a hat whispering in my ear, or tugging at my sleeve. Alas, I have started a few socks now and again – maybe even finished one (but rarely both). And do I ever want to knit these little things when I don’t have projects in the works for publication – no. It seems to be some sort of ritual game that the yarns play with me when I can’t have them – tricksters those fibers. Don’t we love them?