Okay – the glitch is fixed, the pattern page is up and running, and everyone can rush over to The Downloadable Mindful Knitting Pattern Collection at www.tarahandknitting.com. The collection will really and truly grow to a collection (ie – more than one) in the next week (ie – as soon as spring break is over and I get a little bit of my time back).

It’s snowing here once again. Big spring snow, you know, the tree limb snapping kind. Typically March is the snowiest month in Colorado – but this one’s been really mild (70’s!). I guess it’s trying to sneak in a little bit of snow real quick before Sunday. In like a lamb, out like a lion. Great knitting weather. Here’s today’s What’s On My Mind:

It’s worth a click to see it big!

PS to CJ (Carla) – thanks for you comment – Good to be in touch – I left you a reply in the comments.

Aside from the weather, our other big news in Metro Front Range Denver/Boulder is that we got HARLOT – Steph is coming to the Tattered Cover next week. Can’t wait to see her – (PS to Stephanie – I promise to find you some of the best beer we have to offer in these parts (and Denver knows its beer) [and so does Boulder!].)