(Photo by Paul Aiken for the Boulder Daily Camera -click photo or see link below)

It’s come to Boulder.
This is a town where we very blissfully live our little lives, eat organic produce, do yoga and some still don’t lock their doors.


The school bus didn’t come to pick up Jack this morning, and another bus’s driver said he’d be taking our kids because there was an “incident” at Boulder High and the buses were being held at a nearby Safeway parking lot. A kitchen worker entered the school at 6am and saw two guys in Camo wearing ski masks. The school was shut down, the SWAT team called in and news helicopters buzzing buzzing all over the place. Terrorism at home in the most literal meanings of the words. Sigh. They are taking the situation very seriously, but the police admit they’re not sure what they have – a Senior Prank (stupid) a robbery or a “threat.” I don’t know what to say, except I don’t like this. I’m saddened.

The other day I mentioned that what I had on my mind (other than ee cummings, Bob Dylan and knitting the paintings of Joan Anderson) was contemplating being a dharma brat.

I realized this could be misread, as though I was thinking of becoming one. In fact I have been musing somewhere in the back of my mind what it means to me to be one. I’ll let you know soon, when I have fomulated a clearer idea about it. It’s something I know I am (despite the fact that someone on Facebook defined Dharma Brats as being under twenty – no so honey, let’s try under forty. CTR showed up in North America in 70/71. I think of myself as “first wave” – gee sounds a bit like an invasion [Hmm]. More on that later.)