So, this past weekend I was not in the American Midwest bonding and frolicking with my Yarnie buddies at the TNNA show. I would haved like to, and in fact had a fun dream about being there in Columbus, OH – something about Amy Singer dressed up in a fancy hat or something – did this really happen Amy?.

Instead I was with my family on our semi-annual jaunt to the hot springs in the San Luis Valley in South Central Colorado (Beautiful photos here). The Valley is so mystical and without time (literally – “oh, look, the sun is going down, maybe we should eat dinner – oh, the shade has gone away, maybe lunch and a nap. . . “- pretty rough, huh?)

So, at a clothing optional hot springs, seeing naked people is no big deal – but seeing naked knitters – very exciting. And, on Sunday, I think the count was five knitters hanging out around the natural spring pool. Here is me and my nearly naked knitting – with my Lexie Barnes Superstar of course (I don’t go ANYWHERE without it!)


Being the very-susceptible-to-sunburn redheaded Irish-American girl that I am, one can typically find me in the shade with my sarong. So you get nearly naked Tara – (sort of like Nearly Headless Nick from HP.) I think we need to know each other a little better before I give it all up! And you can bet your tush you will never see me in a knitted or crocheted bikini! (See KnitLit Too for more. . .) [And let’s get serious, we really care about WHAT I’m knitting, right, not whether I am clothed while doing it. So for those of you who want to know – it’s Blue Sky Organic Cotton and a little sweater that will be appearing in an upcoming book. The sweater, most likely, will in fact be naked.]