So, here’s the thing –

I love knitting, I love the hot springs – and the two together are pretty awesome. But what’s got a big smile on my face is the way some folks are finding their way to my entry (below) about the mostly naked knitting in the San Luis Valley –

In the managment tools of blog writing, as most of you may know, you can look at a lot of things. You can view all kinds of stats – how many visitors have stopped by, where the are linking from, and what search engine terms were used to find your post in things like Google, etc.

I am really amused by how many people are searching for “Naked Knitting.” And, I think I’ve entered those words enough in this post that they will keep finding this blog. Really, searching on those two words – naked knitting. Here’s a little pic for you that nicely illustrates the idea – the cover of the lovely Amy Singer’s latest book – No Sheep for You from Interweave Press.

What else is on my mind. Well, knitting – but I am in fact clothed today. Zane, however, keeps asking if he can take off all his clothes – I think he digs the clothing optional/Naturist lifestyle. The little sweater I was working on at the springs is done and the neck about to be cast off. Now I start the grown up’s version.

More of what’s in my ears and on my mind:

“Robbie Robertson” self titled album 1987 (Sweet Fire of Love, baby!)
and in keeping with this impromptu favorite Canadians thing,

SeaSilk from Handmaiden/Fleece Artist of Nova Scotia
image “boar-rowed” (think Canadian) from the knitty blog.

And, our favorite Canadian Knit-edienne, Eh?