Well all be a sheep’s fleece, the Summer Knitty is up – Go Amy and friends. And, along with all the other goodies, is the Mindful Knitting Collumn contributed by MOI. (Click on the highlighted link or on the button to the right of your screen.)

The big question, am I still stuck? Well, a little bit, but I’ve been easing into letting things unfold for me. Especially in the corners of my peripheral vision.

rose fairy by Cicely Mary Barker from www.flowerfairies.com
They say, that’s where the Fairies are hard at work, and you can only catch sight of them by being really still. The crucial, and absolutely most difficult thing about setting out to practice mindfulness in daily life is restraint. I spoke to a very wise woman recently who told me – “being still isn’t inertia, it’s levity.” Right On! So, I continue on my continuing journey of NOT jumping in, but letting the tide rise around me.

Also – two more patterns are being added to the Mindful Knitting Collection on www.tarhandknitting.com. I hope you enjoy them.