Oh Crap, I mean, Crocs.

There are a lot of things that make Boulder unique. Where do you start? The Thursday night cruiser ride, the fact that pot was growing in a flower planter on the downtown mall (item 15 on the page) and it was a long while for the Police to notice, the Flatirons, etc.?

One thing that has become part of the Boulder phenomenon is Crocs. The strange, funky, goofy, and to some, downright ugly duckfoot-like “clogs” worn around here in every color of the rainbow. A locally based business, Crocs introduced the clunky footwear as a new kind of boating shoe (they are cool at the hotsprings, but a little difficult to hike in). Now, let’s not let the fact that we are in Colorado keep anyone from developing boating footwear. I think I am one of the 25 or fewer people within the city limits who do not have a pair – but the rest of my family does – all three red.
So, imagine my shock and, well, dismay, when today the Washington Post ran an photo and accompanying article with “W” sporting a pair. This in downright un-Boulderly. And, moreover, the article states that the company’s Chairman is a Bush supporter. Oh, Croc.

Coming Soon: A few pix and mini report from last weekend’s Estes Park Wool Market.

What’s on my mind: aside from keeping my kids from killing each other (the 3 year old can take down the nearly 10 year old with little problem):

Knitting for my upcoming book, and knitting and knitting . . .