So, I’ve just had a birthday. The theme was “I’m not forty yet.” happybday.jpg

Tis the seasons of Cancer
cancer.gif– ruled by the moon and the domain of many strong, emotional and insightful women. Most of the fellow Cancers I know are women – like attracts like I guess. I had a WONDERFUL birthday bash this past weekend with my fellow Cancer lady neighbor friend Jessica. Lots of neighbors, TONS of kids. It started as an improptu “let’s have a BBQ in the yarn with a few friends” and ended up being an awesome party.

We had over 30 folks in our lovely yard – and at least a dozen of them were boys aged 5-10. It was great – We had three or for little mini parties going on at once. The gang of boys ended up hanging out in the living room doing the Pokemon thing (if you don’t know what that means, consider yourself fortunate). The half dozen little girls aged 5-8 ran around silly in the yard, and the half dozen 2-3 year old boys went bonkers with trucks. Those of us over age 10 grooved and chilled on the deck.

Being my birthday season and all I’ve been otherwise occupied (ie not posting) and sneaking in some “knitting for me” – that feels very decadent when you are in the middle of a big push to meet a deadline – (New book coming soon!) but hey – It’s my birthday. Good times, good friends!

I just visited the lovely and talented Krisit Porter’s blog which led me to Annie Modesitt’s gorgeous Red Carpet Convertable project.


Even more importantly, Kristi links to the a donation request to help Annie’s family through her husband’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. Please consider making a any size donation through PayPal to help out this fantastic designer and her dear ones during this difficult time. Get right to link to the PayPal account by clicking the button at the right top of Annie’s page.

Please send good thoughts and prayers practice some mindful knitting for Annie and her family. One thought combined with many is very powerful. One dollar combined with many is tremendously helpful.