What happened to Tara, where’d she go?

I think you last heard hide and hair of me back around my birthday (early July). Just look at that smiley birthday princess down there.
I’ve been asking this question of myself frequently lately. First, a bit of overwhelm set in, then an inventory, which kind of cleared things up quickly:

Writing a book [I could stop the list right now, but no . . .]

(Hmmm, what’s this . . . maybe it’s in a new book?)

Mothering a 3 and 10 year old – boyz – each one of a very interesting age/stage of development that seems to require a unique set of relational and patience building skills. (That’s a really long sentence for saying I love them completely and everyday try not to kill them ) For my own gratification, I can pretend that having already lived through age three before I might have some familiarity with the territory. The ten year old – I got nothin’. And then we’ll just lump potty training in this big blob.

Got Jack to the 5th grade, and try to do so every day.


Migraines, a lot – yuck.

Making Art – well trying to. It feels so good – like breathing in pure oxygen. I painted for the first time since Zane was an infant. And, surprise, I seem to be painting and drawing knitting. Exploring textural themes, colorplay, ritual garments and textiles. Aahh, I’d love to empty everything else on the list and just keep this one for a while.

Jack’s Birthday party. Just 48 hours ago – who knew that four 10 year olds (three boys, one brave and moxie girl) were SO loud. (Like I said, new territory).  Zane and I made two dozen cupcakes for the 5th grade class. Didn’t you just love to lick the beater? It didn’t sound like too many until I frosted them all at 10 pm that night.



The big whopping Labor Day Weekend. This weekend includes – Jack’s birthday, one of my best girlfriends’ birthday, my dads birthday, and for the past two years – a wedding (this year my high school girlfriend Lisa – at 4 o’clock TODAY)

Okay, think I just found myself.

In other news – you know Nature Babies?  Of course you do!!


It just got a really nice review on treehugger.com. Have a look. And if you haven’t seen the book yet, have a peek at your local bookseller or the library. I think you’ll like it.

So do you know where you are? Now that I’ve tracked myself down, I think I’m gonna go get lost in some yarn or some paint for a while, and I promise to come back and visit sooner. Enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend!