Since this kid was born he has been traveling to Yarn Shows, Wool Festivals, Knitting Conferences (but not TNNA, No Kids Allowed!), and major international book shows. He first went to BEA (Book Expo America, world’s largest bookselling event) at five months. He’s been to Stitches East (at 9 ms) to Rhinebeck more times than we can count (well, he’s only three, so I guess he’s been three times) and Estes and so on. We travel rather well together, and we each find what we need. In Taos, there is yarn and fiber, and there are sheep and horses and sweet things to eat. Good for everyone. It was a fabulous and crazy busy weekend, a beautiful drive and a fun time. Here is just a little glimpse of images to whet your appetite. More stories to come in a few installments. Enjoy – Tara (and Zane)


Arriving at the wool market – Zane, his bike, the Market Greeter and the view of the park upon entry.


Zane and the LOVELY yarns at Brooks Farms (AAAHHH)


Zane at the Buffalo Gold Booth. The kid walked away with a pocketful of buffalo nickels. The guys say “hey kid, you want to take a buffalo home with you? ” He hands Zane a nickel. Zane immediately does “magic tricks” and “makes them disappear” The words coming out of his mouth above – “there’s nothing in my hand . . . ”


Tara on the (very windy) bank of the Red Willow River at the Toas Pueblo where three Indian guys asked me where was my husband and how come he let go out by myself, and the one armed native drummer worked really really hard to make me give him my phone number. I didn’t. But, I gladly bought his CD of drumming and chanting and gave him a hug.