Are you just going crazy with the knitting and the fibering right now? It got cold. It got holiday. Tis the season of very busy fingers. Well, here I am to let you know that the Winter Knitty is now live (Rock on and props to Amy Singer!), and my Winter Mindful Knitting Article is ready for your reading pleasure.

Take a little break from your knitting – leave the Ravelry alone for just a few minutes (really, I totally understand), and check out Winter’s Mindful Knitting Column.

I really like this one – and having just read it again on-line, I realize it is still very very warm and fresh for me. Yowsah. What am I talking about? Read it – let me know if you have recently been there – maybe you are there now.

Keep breathing – that’s what Bill reminds me (several times a day). I’m sure you have at least three events you’ve been invited to this weekend too. Enjoy the time to reconnect with loved ones – even the ones who make you a little crazy – remember that everything can be an invitation to apply mindfulness (read the article), and treasure what you have. Groove on – I’ve got to go knit some doll socks, some hats, a scarf and something else, I don’t remember what . . .