Celebrating two days migraine free, Sunday was like a real day! I miss just hangin’ with my boyz (they’re so cute). Here’s what we did this weekend, probably not too unlike weekends had everywhere. Out to breakfast (yummm, pumpkin waffles), took our annual holiday photo (if you are on our holiday card list, act surprised when you open the envelope), The clouds were just lifting, and the Flatirons covered with powered sugar snow (see them back there on the left?) (nice sweaters, don’t you think? From L to R – Jack wearing Jack’s Aran (child) from Men in Knits, Tara wearing the O’Brien Sweater (unpublished, thus far) from my Graduate Thesis Collection, and Bill wearing Double Crossing Diamonds from Men in Knits. Zane is not able to stay still – we’re just glad he’s in the photo). xmas-pic1.jpg

We got our Buddhist-Pagan-Solstice-Children’s Day Tree, and then I went and test drove a few Fenders (yea, Baby!).
My sweetie digs the lipstick red Tele – something about it matching a Santa Hat.


Perhaps today some cookies to bake? I don’t dig cleaning – so anything to avoid that even though the big crew is coming for the Yule celebrations.


And did you do any knitting this weekend? One row – that’s all I got. Damn I mean Bless the ravelry, Okay, I really can’t pawn this one off, I’ll own it! Meanwhile, it got cold and snowy – (see said holiday picture – there were well over a hundred sledders in the park yesterday- CUTE). And, have you visited winter knitty.com? Maybe you are reading this because you already have. Mindful Knitting Column – It’s not bad, check it out.