A long day of travel finds me in Albany this morning – staying with Uncle Chuck and Aunt Barb – and their delightful hospitality.  This morning Tracy and I are heading out to The Highland Lodge for all the thrill and excitement of the Mindful Knitting Retreat.  And the food!  Around here, though, there is only one thing everyone is talking about – Spitzer.  I’d rather be knitting – says the person who does not live in New York State.

AND – drumroll please – Spring Knitty is LIVE – and the Spring Mindful Knitting Collumn is available for your perusal.  Enjoy – please drop a comment here or on Ravelry in the Mindful Knitting Forum if you are one of the lucky ones already on the site.  I’ll let you know when we get there – planning on stopping at Karme Choling on the way – a retreat center in the Shambhala Buddhist Mandala – and Trungpa Rinpoche’s first US center.  Looks like good weather may hold for our drive.  Enjoy the collumn!

(and PS – I have NO intension of letting Amy sneak out – we will shower her hubby with way rocking birthday love.  Knowing the weather up there, we may not get them back!)