Margaret Klein Wilson has just finished her contemplative journaling/knitting workshop – and as ever there are tears and laughter. Can the weekend really be concluding?

What a great retreat – what an amazing group of people. I am always completely in awe of the people who come to rural Vermont to join me in the exploration of the intersection of mindfulness, contemplation and the love of yarn! And yoga, and amazing desserts, and everlasting friendships.

I had thought about presenting you with daily dispatches, but I’m entirely too engaged in what is going on here – which is just the point. Upon my arrival on Thursday I immediately headed to the massage table – ahhhh! At the start of our introductory dinner, the volume level went completely off the scale, and I thought – hmm, this is going to be good. I think there will be a few tears in the morning as everyone heads back to their little corners of the world – which this year include Toronto, Austin, San Fran, Boston, Arizona, New York, and Colorado too.

Photos will go up online soon. A few follow to for your enjoyment, and a special pic of the woods for Jamie, who is missed (EVERYONE says HI Jamie – Anne, Erin, Pat, Willie, Kristin, Margaret . . . )

Now, off to our closing dinner, where we are celebrating two birthdays, and countless new friendships.