Extraordinary Poetic Power – yeah,  that sums it up.

So, if you’ve been in a room with me for more than 15 minutes or read this blog in the past, then you know that my primary spirtual focus is Shambhala Buddishm, and my auxiliary spiritual practice is Bob. Bill finds it very amusing and confusing that Bob’s lyrics make complete sense to me. Profoundly so. The most magical thing – and perhaps, dare I say – dharmic thing – about Bob is that his lyrics can make completely different kinds of sense to different people – not unlike a philosophy in and of itself.

Well, the people who select the Pulitzer winners evidently get it too. The phrase above sums it up beautifully – “lyrical compositions of extraordinary power.” In Bob I trust – perhaps even more so since the man himself claims not to really understand half of what he has written. The first Pulitzer awarded to a “rock musician.” (Okay, technically it is a “Special Citation” – Potato- Po-tah-to) To me he’s more of a bop prosity troubadour who gets straight to the point – another way of re-stating the above perhaps. Glee Glee. I hope Mr. Zimmerman is as happy about it as I am. I find inspiration for knitting designs in Bob. I find a tagline for my day in Bob. I find a pithy instruction in Bob. I find an ordinary guy from Minnesota who is just expressing what he can’t help but express. Congratulations, Sir.

And, if you haven’t yet – this would be a great time to watch the recent Scorsese release “No Direction Home”

– and don’t miss the awesome footage with Robbie Robertson (Tele magic) Fender Telecasterand members of what would later become The Band on disc two.

Enjoy one of the masterpieces: Visions of Johanna: