Today, summer 2008 is LIVE – and with it the Summer Mindful Knitting Column.

Please Read It!!! You know, you don’t need to know a thing about knitting to enjoy it. And there are several sweet photos – like this one of me and Zane in the backyard:

Zane and Tara

So much has been going on – this year is so very rich and amazing. I have been doing so much – and keep thinking – oh, I’ll post dispatches – but as with my comment during the Spring 08 MK Retreat- I’m just too involved with being IN it to talk ABOUT it.

So, thus far this year – which for me starts on Shambhala Day (this year February) – The 2008 Mindful Knitting Retreat – serious guitar studies (making my Stratocaster world debut in my back yard soon), LOTS of dharma studies and meditation, Shambhala Arts Training and Shambhala Arts Teacher Empowerment (that’s a big one, more on that soon), and I’m turning forty in a few weeks – that feels like a big one too.

Enjoy the column. I think I’m going to go outside with the kids – and maybe my knitting . . .
(read the column – that last line might be funnier).