It’s been raining all week here in Boulder, very unusual, and totally welcome.  I love it.  My husband thinks I’m a freak – I think I should visit Seattle.  It’s the perfect weather for snuggling in – and knitting – and remembering that you need to be good to yourself.  I certainly need to remember that.  This very day, in fact – with my kids all in fits, yelling at each other, me with deadlines and appointments . . .  right now I am listening to a playlist I created called “Breathe” and am doing my best to do just that while listening to the rain.

So please “Heart” yourself, and breathe a bit – and read my Mindful Knitting column at knittycom! As ever, I love your feedback.  Enjoy just being, and make some apple pie – my most awesome recipie is on the next page (Click the link or the tab in the blog page header).

Love, Tara