Update – with thanks to super sharp reader Peg Alexander, and much chagrin on my part -it is true – Yoko is CROCHETING!  Cross fiber love here, people.  Now, I know I have never crocheted while blindfolded – I can hardly crochet with my glasses on.  We do not discriminate here at Earth Sky Knitter..  For the Love of Yarn and Karma and John.

With great thanks to my friend Waylon Lewis at Elephant Journal (please check it out – The Mindful Life baby!), I offer you this.  It’s the best.  It’s a video of the recording of the single version of the song – with John on Piano, Mal Evans (Beatles long time roadie/manager) on tambourine, and Yoko on KNITTING NEEDLES Crochet Hook– Blindfolded.  WDYT? Which is the best part, the knitting crochet or the blindfold?  I thought I was the only one who knitted while blindfolded. (still true)

There is absolutely no doubt that this is one of the best stick-it-to-ya songs, but to know that knitting needles are yarn is included amongst the instruments, worth another hundred or so listens (I can hear the yarn, can’t you?):

In other news:[this is still true to the best of my knowledge] I just signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I wonder if I should have checked with my literary agent first.  Anyway – it’s a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel (in all it’s unedited ugly glory) between November 1 and November 30, with uploads beginning November 25.  What the hell.  And, one of these days, very soon, I will do my year in review – My experience with Shambhala Art and becoming a Shambhala Arts instructor, my return to painting, my studies with Japanese brush master Kazuaki Tanahashi – magical.  Oh, and I started learning Little Wing on my Stratocaster last night (thanks James!).  I feel like I’ve recieve the transmission for the secret Stratocaster Handshake.  What’s on my mind: Okay, I have to go knit a Kimono.  Enjoy John and Yoko.