Hearts and Heat Hot Water Bottle Cover

Hearts and Heat HoWater Bottle Cover

I LOVE my hot water bottle. I’m thinking I love it more than most people would, and possibly more than I should. I might not be able to live without it. When I’m cold, I zip it up inside my fleece vest. When I’m not feeling well, I let it soothe my aches – real or imagined. When I’m not sleeping well, I use it as a pillow under my neck, and when I want to feel cozy, I place it between the sheets at the bottom of the bed to warm my tootsies. True Love!

One thing about a hot water bottle – well it’s ugly and smells like rubber and it feels funky. So, it needs a soft, snuggly and washable cover to make everyone happy.

I made this cover many years ago when I was hanging out at my former yarn shop, Over the Moon. I was inspired by the color palette of the original 1824 Cotton from Mission Falls and the whimsy of

Mags Kandis – founder of Mission Falls and delightful fiber designer extraordinaire.

This piece is worked from the “top” – or the neck – down. You work the top ruffle and the ribbing flat (back and forth) on the circular needles. Then, join the work in the round, increase to the necessary number of stitches, and work in circular knitting. The checkers stripe and the heart motif are worked in Fair Isle style/knitting in the round. Once you reach the desired length, you just turn it inside out, closed up with a three needle bind off – and put the kettle on!

GET IT on my website, tarahandknitting.com at http://www.tarahandknitting.com/patterns/patterns.htm