Your Brain on Knitting - Cast On with Brenda Dayne

Your Brain on Knitting - Cast On with Brenda Dayne

So, the hot water cozy download is not going as smoothly as expected. While you are waiting for the master knitter to try to figure out problems in HTML code (ie – big mess), you can listen to Brenda Dayne interview me on the current episode of CAST ON (

As I have told friends and family – if you are still wondering what it is that I do, listen to this. But it’s not just about me (just sayin’). This episode wraps up Brenda’s brilliantly themed series on ALCHEMY and we discuss what Mindful Knitting is, who I am, and why being present in the current moment is so much fun and so damn hard!! This show talks about the brain, creativity, sympathetic and parasympathetic brain reactions and magically makes it relevant to knitting. Bless Brenda’s amazing magic.

Have a listen, Let me know what you think.

Love and Kisses -Tara