The above is a quote from Bob Dylan that I am re-quoting from my Art Prof Bob Ecker.  It is Dylan’s answer to the question of how he saw himself and what he was doing (the actual question was something like “Are you a poet?”).   Bob Ecker, my Drawing and Painting Prof concludes that moving and faking is at the core of making and understanding art, if not art itself.  I’m doing a little more of both these days.

MotherWarriorGoddess MutliMedia Technique Study 1 (c)Tara Jon Manning

MotherWarriorGoddess MutliMedia Technique Study 1 (c) 2010 Tara Jon Manning

I’ve been back in the (painting) studio.  It’s actually all one studio, but to me it’s different depending on which table I am sitting at (design/yarn, drawing, computer, painting).  Here is a recent technical study.  Moving – looking past the faking while faking all the while.  Thanks so much, Bob, both of you.