Tara Jon Manning grew up as a “dharma brat” and has received many Tibetan Buddhist Teachings from meditation masters such as Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama. She has been exploring the use of spirituality in her own art and handwork. She is the innovator of the Mindful Knitting Movement and holds Mindful Knitting workshops and retreats across the US.

Tara has been captivated by all things fiber since she was a child, learning to sew before she can remember and learning to knit at age eight. Her designs can be seen in knitting magazines, books and collections of major yarn companies.

Tara has lived in Boulder, Colorado for most of her life, where she still lives with her family, enjoying the lifestyle of alternative everything, naturals, organics, and big blue sky.  Her main sources of inspiration are her children, nature and the mystical.

Tara’s fifth book, Nature Babies (Potter Craft), is now available at bookstores and LYS’s everywhere.

Tara’s books include Men in Knits, The Gift Knitter, Mindful Knitting, Compassionate Knitting and Nature Babies.

Tara and three year old son Z<p>ane 2006

Tara with son Zane at age 3.