Cloud Symbol – November 2009

The images below show the evolution of Cloud Symbol pen and ink pieces from initial sketch to pencil drawing on the spot and later P&I iterations.   I was cloud gazing and this amazing shape showed up amongst the dragons and faces and regular cloudgazer stuff.  I thought “I need to draw this, but the clouds are moving and changing so quickly, I don’t think I’ll be able to go get my pad and pencil quick enough.”  The answer came “don’t worry, it will stay here for you.”  Okay – I think -and run inside to get my sketch journal.  And there it still remained – long enough for me to make three or four detailed drafts.  Thank you sky.

(All images and drawings original work of Tara Jon Manning (c) 2009.  Please respect intellectual property and copyright, and ask first if you wish to refer to these images.  Thanks, Tara)

SkySymbolOriginal 001

Intial pencil sketch of amazing cloud shape

SkySymbolSketch 001

First pencil drawing while the image waited in the sky for me.

Pen and Ink Renderings of Cloud Symbol


Hatched Moon and Swirl Version


Cloud Symbol in Stippling