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Announcing Dates for the 2010 Mindful Knitting Retreat in Vermont:
Thursday March 11 to Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Once again, The Highland Lodge will be closing its doors to the public to transform into the Mindful Knitting Retreat Northeast.

Please join us for oh so much fun!!   For full details, visit the Mindful Knitting Retreat Page on the Tara Handknitting Website.

To make a reservation right now, because you are so excited and can’t be bothered looking at some web page, contact The Highland Lodge in Greensboro, Vermont via telephone(802-533-2647) or Email

Space is VERY LIMITED – please register EARLY!  See you in Vermont!


Wow, this year’s Mindful Knitting Retreat in Vermont’s North East Kingdom was WONDERFUL. The biggest yet – we filled every bed in The Highland Lodge. What a blast.  One of our participants –  Atomic Knits – did a much better job blogging than I ever could – check out Atomic Knits post here.

And – as a refresher, or intro, I thought I’d pop this up here today.

In this less than five minute video, The Sakyong, Mipham Rinpoche, the head of the Shambhala Buddhist Lineage, teaches us the basics Mindfulness Meditation.  Have a look.  Perhaps consider watching this as you get started on your ten minutes of meditation a day (just like brushing your teeth – right Eric?!)

Enjoy – Happy Spring, Cheerful Knitting, Peaceful Meditations. – Tara

A quote from Trungpa Rinpoche, through the Ocean of Dharma Quotes listserve.

Yeshe Tsogyal

“Feminine inspiration projects a world which it can regard as workable and friendly since it is its own creation…..An aspect of feminine inspiration is regarding what you have created as sacred. You have created Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism — it is your production. Since it is fully yours, respect it, work with it. These teachings did not come from somewhere else; your own openness gave birth to them.  Moreover, you gave birth to pleasure and pain. You built Paris, London, New York City. You produced the president of the United States. These things are the product of feminine inspiration.”

From “Femininity,” in THE COLLECTED WORKS OF CHOGYAM TRUNGPA, Volume Six, page 564.

About Yeshe Tsogyal (wikipedia)
“From the mouth of a lotus was born
The swift goddess, heroic liberator
Who went forth in human form
Amid the snowy mountains of Tibet.”

Among lay Tibetans she is seen as a Buddha who takes the form of an ordinary woman so as to be accessible to the average person, “who, for the time being, do not see her Vajravarahi form as a fully perfected deity.” In fact,

She displays whatever emanation form will tame
Any given [person], just as, for example, the full moon in the sky
Emerges as [various] reflections in different water vessels.



Taos. Leaving tomorrow afternoon. Lots of mountains and breezes and valleys between here and there. Taos.


If you are going to be there, look for me. PS – my family and I are planning to hold a silent vigil for Burma at noon on Saturday October 6 at the light by Kit Carson Park in solidarity with the world wide “Support the Monks in Burma @ 12 NOON” in every major city across the world. For more about this, visit the
US Campaign for Burma website: (

Oh Crap, I mean, Crocs.

There are a lot of things that make Boulder unique. Where do you start? The Thursday night cruiser ride, the fact that pot was growing in a flower planter on the downtown mall (item 15 on the page) and it was a long while for the Police to notice, the Flatirons, etc.?

One thing that has become part of the Boulder phenomenon is Crocs. The strange, funky, goofy, and to some, downright ugly duckfoot-like “clogs” worn around here in every color of the rainbow. A locally based business, Crocs introduced the clunky footwear as a new kind of boating shoe (they are cool at the hotsprings, but a little difficult to hike in). Now, let’s not let the fact that we are in Colorado keep anyone from developing boating footwear. I think I am one of the 25 or fewer people within the city limits who do not have a pair – but the rest of my family does – all three red.
So, imagine my shock and, well, dismay, when today the Washington Post ran an photo and accompanying article with “W” sporting a pair. This in downright un-Boulderly. And, moreover, the article states that the company’s Chairman is a Bush supporter. Oh, Croc.

Coming Soon: A few pix and mini report from last weekend’s Estes Park Wool Market.

What’s on my mind: aside from keeping my kids from killing each other (the 3 year old can take down the nearly 10 year old with little problem):

Knitting for my upcoming book, and knitting and knitting . . .

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