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Since this kid was born he has been traveling to Yarn Shows, Wool Festivals, Knitting Conferences (but not TNNA, No Kids Allowed!), and major international book shows. He first went to BEA (Book Expo America, world’s largest bookselling event) at five months. He’s been to Stitches East (at 9 ms) to Rhinebeck more times than we can count (well, he’s only three, so I guess he’s been three times) and Estes and so on. We travel rather well together, and we each find what we need. In Taos, there is yarn and fiber, and there are sheep and horses and sweet things to eat. Good for everyone. It was a fabulous and crazy busy weekend, a beautiful drive and a fun time. Here is just a little glimpse of images to whet your appetite. More stories to come in a few installments. Enjoy – Tara (and Zane)


Arriving at the wool market – Zane, his bike, the Market Greeter and the view of the park upon entry.


Zane and the LOVELY yarns at Brooks Farms (AAAHHH)


Zane at the Buffalo Gold Booth. The kid walked away with a pocketful of buffalo nickels. The guys say “hey kid, you want to take a buffalo home with you? ” He hands Zane a nickel. Zane immediately does “magic tricks” and “makes them disappear” The words coming out of his mouth above – “there’s nothing in my hand . . . ”


Tara on the (very windy) bank of the Red Willow River at the Toas Pueblo where three Indian guys asked me where was my husband and how come he let go out by myself, and the one armed native drummer worked really really hard to make me give him my phone number. I didn’t. But, I gladly bought his CD of drumming and chanting and gave him a hug.


So, here’s the thing –

I love knitting, I love the hot springs – and the two together are pretty awesome. But what’s got a big smile on my face is the way some folks are finding their way to my entry (below) about the mostly naked knitting in the San Luis Valley –

In the managment tools of blog writing, as most of you may know, you can look at a lot of things. You can view all kinds of stats – how many visitors have stopped by, where the are linking from, and what search engine terms were used to find your post in things like Google, etc.

I am really amused by how many people are searching for “Naked Knitting.” And, I think I’ve entered those words enough in this post that they will keep finding this blog. Really, searching on those two words – naked knitting. Here’s a little pic for you that nicely illustrates the idea – the cover of the lovely Amy Singer’s latest book – No Sheep for You from Interweave Press.

What else is on my mind. Well, knitting – but I am in fact clothed today. Zane, however, keeps asking if he can take off all his clothes – I think he digs the clothing optional/Naturist lifestyle. The little sweater I was working on at the springs is done and the neck about to be cast off. Now I start the grown up’s version.

More of what’s in my ears and on my mind:

“Robbie Robertson” self titled album 1987 (Sweet Fire of Love, baby!)
and in keeping with this impromptu favorite Canadians thing,

SeaSilk from Handmaiden/Fleece Artist of Nova Scotia
image “boar-rowed” (think Canadian) from the knitty blog.

And, our favorite Canadian Knit-edienne, Eh?

(Photo by Paul Aiken for the Boulder Daily Camera -click photo or see link below)

It’s come to Boulder.
This is a town where we very blissfully live our little lives, eat organic produce, do yoga and some still don’t lock their doors.


The school bus didn’t come to pick up Jack this morning, and another bus’s driver said he’d be taking our kids because there was an “incident” at Boulder High and the buses were being held at a nearby Safeway parking lot. A kitchen worker entered the school at 6am and saw two guys in Camo wearing ski masks. The school was shut down, the SWAT team called in and news helicopters buzzing buzzing all over the place. Terrorism at home in the most literal meanings of the words. Sigh. They are taking the situation very seriously, but the police admit they’re not sure what they have – a Senior Prank (stupid) a robbery or a “threat.” I don’t know what to say, except I don’t like this. I’m saddened.

The other day I mentioned that what I had on my mind (other than ee cummings, Bob Dylan and knitting the paintings of Joan Anderson) was contemplating being a dharma brat.

I realized this could be misread, as though I was thinking of becoming one. In fact I have been musing somewhere in the back of my mind what it means to me to be one. I’ll let you know soon, when I have fomulated a clearer idea about it. It’s something I know I am (despite the fact that someone on Facebook defined Dharma Brats as being under twenty – no so honey, let’s try under forty. CTR showed up in North America in 70/71. I think of myself as “first wave” – gee sounds a bit like an invasion [Hmm]. More on that later.)

Okay – the glitch is fixed, the pattern page is up and running, and everyone can rush over to The Downloadable Mindful Knitting Pattern Collection at The collection will really and truly grow to a collection (ie – more than one) in the next week (ie – as soon as spring break is over and I get a little bit of my time back).

It’s snowing here once again. Big spring snow, you know, the tree limb snapping kind. Typically March is the snowiest month in Colorado – but this one’s been really mild (70’s!). I guess it’s trying to sneak in a little bit of snow real quick before Sunday. In like a lamb, out like a lion. Great knitting weather. Here’s today’s What’s On My Mind:

It’s worth a click to see it big!

PS to CJ (Carla) – thanks for you comment – Good to be in touch – I left you a reply in the comments.

Aside from the weather, our other big news in Metro Front Range Denver/Boulder is that we got HARLOT – Steph is coming to the Tattered Cover next week. Can’t wait to see her – (PS to Stephanie – I promise to find you some of the best beer we have to offer in these parts (and Denver knows its beer) [and so does Boulder!].)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

You know, there are so very many Irish sayings and proverbs – every year around this time I start looking them all up – and there’s the usual “May the wind always be at your back – may the road rise to meet you” stuff, and “a good run is better than a bad stand.”  This goes hand in hand with “many a time a man’s mouth broke his nose.” – Then there was my great grandmother’s one – when she would get frustrated with all the kids and grandkids running her in circles, she was known to have said – “Blessed be, stick a broom up me arse why don’t you and I can get some sweepin’ done while we’re at it.”

So, I was telling a friend of mine that when I was researching Aran knitting I came across another that stated “. . . and may a red-haired woman not wander across your path.” “How’d we get such a bad rap?” I ask her (this is where my husband usually sniggers), and my friend says to me – “I guess you’re just too damned distracting.” I’ll take distracting over a harbinger of danger anytime – even if to the occasional guy named Bill they are the same thing (I love you sweetie).

So, this is Jack


And this Saint Patrick’s morningn day starts out with me baking yummy Soda Bread and telling Jack that for a brief moment of time – perhaps half hour, no maybe ten minutes – we considered naming him the Irish version of Owen (okay, I considered it). He asked why we didn’t, and when I told him it was spelled “Eoghan” and his dad thought his life would be miserable with every kid and teacher trying to call him “Ee-oh-gu-han” that it would just be more kind to go with Jack.

I always knew I’d have a son named Jack, named for my grandfather, John Henry O’Brien, named by his father, Henny O’Brien. So Jack is going around all day saying, “I wish my name was Eoghan, can we change it? I want to change my name to Eoghan, that’s cool.” I have been reminding him that Jack Manning, named for a Jack O’Brien no less, is just about as Irish as it gets. Yeah, well . . . “Eoghan” is off playing with the boys down the street. And, as you might expect, Teamhair cniotáil (Tara is knitting).

Slainte! – have a pint for me won’t ye now?

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